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Dermatologist at Work

Residence Permits

  • Temporary residence permit;

  • Permanent residence permit.

Flying Plane


  • Airport transit visa;

  • Short-stay visa;

  • Temporary stay visa;

  • Visa for obtaining a residence permit.



  • Marriage or non-marital legally recognized partnership;

  • Born in Portugal;

  • Resident in Portugal;

  • Adopted by portuguese;

  • Born abroad;

  • ​Already had portuguese citizenship but lost it.

European Flags

Register at the City Hall

  • UK citizens´register in Portugal as they are covered under the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement;

  • EU citizens´register.

French Lawyer

Applications to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)

  • Management of the all process.

Computer Programming


  • Cyber-attack;

  • Online risks;

  • Online Fraud;

  • Cyberbullying;

  • Hate speech Online.

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